What Type Of Story Do You Enjoy The Most?

This is not a poll, but merely an inquiry on my fellow blog readers.  There’s really no limit on how you can respond to this, so I did not make a poll for this as I would likely receive a ton of votes going towards Other.   So, give as much info as you can, and if you can throw in examples, then all the better.  And for those of you that did not have Blogger accounts from before, you should be able to leave comments now.  All you need is an email address and a name to go by.

Previous Poll:  While on the topic of polls, the number of votes for the other poll has slowed down over the past few days.  However, it does tell me alot about the remaining members of the NWN2 Community.   The massive majority are interested in Gameplay.  Its a vague term, which might be why the other 28% of the voters did not vote for it.  

Runner up would be Story.  No real surprise there.   The next two are closely tied at 32/31/30 votes for Setting, Exploration/Sandbox and Modding respectively.   This is, of course, coming from the NWN2 Community, so it’s not much of a surprise to see these three higher than the rest, especially that of modding.  If you used this same poll on the WoW crowd, you’d probably see a gajillion votes for Gameplay and MMO (yet there were only 2 that voted for MMO).   I’m a little surprised to see Exploration / Sandbox that high however.  This could be the SoZ lovers influencing the poll and the previous owners have since left the community, but the SoZ lovers are still a dedicated part of the community.   I’m personally not a very big Exploration fan as every game that focused on it fell short on what I believe to be more critical parts of the game. 

Innovation and Multiplayer come next at 16/18 votes respectively.  Innovation is special and not usually the focus of most games you’ve probably heard of.  However, innovation is the crutch of almost all Indie games as they don’t have the resources to have full voiceovers, state-of-the-art graphics or the time to dedicate to the game’s creation.  Multiplayer, however, was a bit of a surprise to me.  Multiplayer is the one thing that has kept NWN1 going for so long and it still continues to do so.  Recently, I’ve seen a NWN2 PW shut down and reopen a NWN1 PW which has been doing very well for itself since the conversion.  Without a good multiplayer, you’re basically limiting the number of replays for that game, and as thus, I believe Dragon Age may hurt from its lack of MP at first until they patch it into the game (if the rumors on this are true that is). 

I would like to thank everyone for voting and even moreso to the people who left comments (either on my blog or on the boards).  You guys have been helpful 🙂

Soon, you’ll be seeing a massive update on what this module is about and what the BouncyRock team has been crafting in the shadows.  I’m currently waiting on a few bits and pieces to make this announcement, as Jolly Jenkins would put it, EPIC!  There’s alot of content being poured into this module, and it’s really beginning to shape up.  So keep an eye out for the update!