Scope Creep

I’ve been hard at work the past few days, trying to get this module done by the holidays. With so little time and still much to do, I doubt I’ll be able to make the deadline.  Initially the final battle was supposed to be pretty bland, but its actually blown up into something alot bigger, because well, I would like to offer a semi-professional product in what I do (which unfortunately winds up long forgotten due to project cancellations). 

You can expect some nifty new VFXs and a really epic battle at the end, which is completely optional actually.  There’s at most 6  and at least 3 meaningful fights (one of which is shown in the screenshots of the previous blog posts) you can engage yourself in over 8-12 areas as it stands, three of which are in the same area.  So as you can tell, its mostly scenery and a fun plot to be had from my little contribution, but don’t be fooled by the small number of fights.  Most of them will provide your characters quite the challenge.

The variation in area numbers depends on whether I have the time to add extra areas for no other purpose than loot.  Provided that Chaos agrees with the extension, I’ll consider adding a small very easy to implement quest for the tavern that I wanted to make.  And no, its not kill the rats in my cellar kind of quest, although it is tempting 🙂  Its actually a good ole tavern brawl with some unsightly and visually offending fellows. 

So, Chaos, if you’re reading this you can remove the gem from my contribution unless you wish to extend the deadline to Dec 31, which I’ll be able to make.  Its mostly just dialogue and variable keeping left.  If you’re wondering when I might be done, exluding all the extra stuff, I’ll wager Dec 26.

SoZ Community Expansion

Work on the SoZ project continues, and I’ve created probably my last exterior for this little mini-project.  Today was dialogue and scripting day.  I suspect I’ll get the scripting perfected for this one area by tomorrow.

Here’s a little more info on the quest I’m creating:

The Village of Taruin nears death and the Samarachan Soldiers are doing little to help them in their time of need.  The Taruin Farmlands have been taken over by an aggressive tribe of Batiri.  The Village does not have enough supplies to last more than a few more months.  In order to ensure that trade with Taruin can continue, you must aid them and rid the farmlands of the Batiri blight.


Village of Taruin

After having completed Dragon Age Origins (twice) and capturing a few epic pictures, Chaos Wielder had sent me a message to see if I was interested in creating a dungeon for his SoZ project.  Since Shattered Dreams is on hold for now and the end of the semester is nigh, I accepted.  I pondered a few days on what I was going to do, meanwhile I played Assassin’s Creed 2, which is a good game btw.  Although, the combat is still way too easy.  

On the matter of the SoZ Project, I decided on an idea, which I will briefly discuss below.  I’ve taken the task of designing a village instead of a dungeon, actually there will be several dungeons as well, but the village of Taruin will serve as a hub of quests for my part of the project.  SoZ is lacking in alot of things, interesting quests being the major part of the problem.  So why not add a side-questline to contribute to the project?

I wont spoil the plot details, but I will provide a few screens that I have taken.

Aside from the exterior, I’ve made the temple itself and another interior for the village.  I’ll be making a few more interiors for the quest. Oh and Chaos, if you’re reading this and you don’t mind making another exterior, I could make use of one.  If not, then I probably wont do that particular side-quest.