January & NWN2

Well January seems to be quite a month for NWN2.  With the release of Trinity, Misery Stone and the SoZ Holiday Project, what more could you ask for?   While not quite as great as a module, I do have my own contributions on the way, that is the release of everything I’ve worked on so far.

Misery Stone & Trinity

First off, I would like to congratulate Jclef on his long-awaited release of Misery Stone!  Congrats, bro!  You have poured blood and soul into this module, which we can see all over the module (I mean look at all that blood everywhere, especially in the Asylum!).   And if you haven’t played either Misery Stone or Trinity yet, well, I highly recommend doing so.  Both of these modules are at the top of their class.  And furthermore, they play out like a true classic, something that you really do not see anymore.

Content Release

Over the next few days, I’ll be releasing a series of new content on the Vault dating way back since I started developing for NWN2.  This content will include my works on the Anphillia II PW, Thayvian Nights, Misery Stone and to a much smaller degree Shattered Dreams and the SoZ Sidequest.  Since the last two haven’t been released yet or havent had confirmations of cancelation, I will not release the content until I hear from Dirtywick and Elysius otherwise.

There’s quite of bit of stuff sitting on my computer, gathering dust and I figured I might as well make use of them.  So, I’ll be going through the areas, cleaning them up and sprucing them up a bit if it’s worth it and then releasing them on the Vault.  Tonight, you’ll see 3 new entries (click to open New Window):

Ravenloft Asylum – The old version of Misery Stone’s Asylum.  It was large and complex, but scrapped later to simplify the module and make new room for some of the new content Jonny had made.  There are still some NPCs left in here.  I’ve removed the Hostile Encounters, so you should be able to roam freely.  Make sure you read the note about the portal controls in the tower before checking it out.  It’ll make your life easier I think.

Anduraga’s DayNightSettings – A compilation of my DayNightSettings that I have created and are worth distributing.  There’s probably about 30 settings, 6 of them a complete set.  The remaining being a single Stage (mostly Default).

Anduraga’s Light and VFX Pack – A compilation of my light and vfx palette.  There are roughly 130 VFXs in the pack.  A complete list can be found on the Vault’s description (the screenshots only show a very select few).  I’ll also be taking requests if its within my ability to do so.  See the Vault Descript for more info.

And later on this week, I’ll be releasing my Dwarven Ruins RWS, Corrupted Prison RWS, House Interior Set, Dungeon Set, Bounty Camp and some other areas sprinkled in.  All of which will be leading up to the release of the Taruin Sidequest.

SoZ:  Taruin Sidequest

Some of you might be wondering what’s up with this and why it was not included with the original release.  Not to mention there hasnt been any word of it on my blog.  Unfortunately, when the holidays came, I ran out of time to work on it, and until recently, I haven’t been able to work on it.  I’ll be working on it over the weekend and I hope to have it finished by next weekend hopefully assuming all goes well.  It’ll be patched in the Holiday Project and distributed separately.   Mind you, the separate version will have a bit of a clumsy implementation due to the player having to travel to two different locations via the OLM. 

Post Remarks

Since I’ll be releasing all of my content soon and wrapping up my projects, some of you might be wondering what is going on with me (or not) and my future for NWN2.  Truth is, I’ll probably be leaving the development world for NWN2 unless Shattered Dreams resumes, BouncyRock needs my help or someone can convince me to help me with their project.  Mind you, it’ll have to be of professional quality (minus the VO) to spark my interest likely. 

I actually do have an idea for a module of my own, but I don’t think NWN2 or DA is the right candidate for it.  My plan of execution for it is to write it down completely and transfer it to a toolset of some sort.  That way the massive majority of the dialogue would be finished, and all that remains is the area design and coding.  I might comment on this some other day.  This post is long enough.