Its been awhile since my last blog entry. School got rather busy, and once it was over, I was busy doing other things. All of which have been non-NWN2 related. As of recent, I’ve been playing through the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Beta, which regretably ends today. On the brighter side of things, its official release is July 27th, so I do not have that long to wait before I can play again. It’s been pretty fun to play, but I have to say that the balance is a bit messed up. The Terrans are by far the most overpowered race there is, closely followed by the Protoss. The Zerg have been hit with the nerf stick, and usually amounts to nothing more than a nuisance.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

On another note, I’ve decided to abandon the idea of ever making a module of my own. Between time constraints and keeping it real, I’ll never ever finish one that I’ll ever be happy with by myself. Call me a bit selfish, but I’m very picky when it comes to area design and plot development, and if it isn’t just right, I’ll have to keep working on it until I like it.

So, I’ve decided to take on a slightly different project, something that doesn’t require me to be sitting in front of my desktop to do. That is, I’ll be writing my own story. The concept has been floating around in my head for nearly 8 months now, and I’ve now started preparing a design document for it so to speak. Its more of an outline for me to refer to and keep me in line. Any change I make to it, I’ll have to go through the plot line and determine whether the change will make any sense.

At the moment, its planned as a trilogy, but each story is definitely stand alone. The trilogy is just conceptual and the plots developed for the latter two stories are intentionally vague and shall stay that way until I get around to writing them later. I’ve had this problem before with stories of my own, and this nasty Tesla Coil fires up in my brain and comes up with all sorts of wild and interesting ideas.

The reason I thought of the plots for them at all is to help keep the stories between all of them in line and gradually building up for that great finale. It’ll definitely take some time to write, but in the end it’ll be worth it I think. It’s always been my dream to get a grandiose idea out of my head and onto something someone else can run through it, whether it be a book or a game, it matters not to me. Games are simply cooler is all.

Will I ever finish it? I hope so. I have written many short stories before and even 300 page stories, which I will never ever show anyone. Suffice to say, they’re that bad, not to mention I don’t have them anymore. The imagination of a 13 year old is horrible and pretty far out. I won’t go into any detail on what I have planned yet. That is a story for another time.